Integrity Data and Fiber, Inc.

   The Telecommunication Industry has experienced unprecedented growth, both in the private and public sector with the advancement IP network technologies. The infrastructure that    supports this growth can barely be built to keep pace with the demand for service.  IDF recognizes this business potential and is in a position to provide a unique and clean style in building this infrastructure.

       Integrity Data and Fiber, Inc. was created on the theory that highly skilled, well compensated individuals, given the opportunity to own their own business and hence steer its' direction, could not only successfully compete in its' industry, but provide outstanding customer service ensuring repeat business.  In contrast to other hierarchical companies that utilize project managers, supervisors, lead technicians, apprentices and laborers, IDF is comprised of employees that have all those qualifications in each individual, which allows us to provide the best product to our customers.

                  Contractors License#  778249 C-7    --     DIR Registration # 1000001069   --   Dunn & Bradstreet # 844900600   --    NAICS Code # 238210